"Who in the World is 

                          Jerry Olthoff?" 

    The most important thing you need to know about me is that I can Definitely help you reach your goals.


You clicked here because you want to know more about me.

Before I begin, let me tell you-- 

I'm Just a Regular Person 

who has set goals, learned from others what to do, and then took 
one step at a time til I got where I wanted to go.

That's why I can help you do the same.

Now let me introduce you to... 

"My Family"

I live on Superstition Mountain in Apache Junction, Arizona, with my wife, Nancy, and Bailee (our mini-dachshund).  

So you won't think I live out in the middle of nowhere in a tent on a Reservation :0) ....

Apache Junction is part of the Phoenix area.  

Here we are with Bailee, Casey (our "Granddog"), and our Fun Jeep in front of our home on Superstition Mountain.  

(I love dogs, always have.  And I especially love mini-dachshunds!)

Nancy and I have been married for 38 years.  We have 2 sons, Damian and Travis.  Damian is an attorney.  Travis  works for an advertising firm.  

Both are married and Hooray! -- We have a little granddaughter -- 

Pretty cute, huh?  Nancy put her "order" in for a Red-haired granddaughter and that's what we got  :0).      

Damian taking our grandaughter for a Hike & Damian taking his mom for a hike!  Ha!  

We all like to hike.  Damian found this "Picnic Table" on one of our Arizona treks.  


What else would you like you know about me?

  • I work my business full time from home with Nancy. 

    Words can't express how great it is not to have to
    get up early every morning, get dressed up and
    fight traffic, especially here in Phoenix. 

  • Whenever I'm in the car and see people in huge
    traffic jams, I wish I could show them there is 
    a better way.  

  • Along with our business, another very important
    part of our life is our church.  I lead the music and
    we love the people there. 

  "I Love to Travel!"

  • Because of our business, we were able to take a
    trip to Greece and Venice, Italy, and cruised
    the Mediterranean.   This is one of the sights we saw:

  • We've been to a lot of places, like Germany, Israel, 
    Hawaii, Spain and Mexico. 

    But you know what?  I like traveling the US too.  
    There's a lot to explore right here at home. 

Scared Me!  


  • We love to take Bailee and explore the desert. 
    She loves it too! 

    Even though a while back, she gave me a Scare
    when she stumbled on a  Huge Snake.  But he 
    must have just eaten because he paid no 
    attention to Bailee.  What a relief!  

I Love Old Movies!    



  • I also Love to watch 1940's movies .  Life was simpler 
    then.  And the movies had a message, a "lesson".  

    Like a couple of nights ago, we watched a movie
    about Thomas Edison.  What an inspiration! 

    Took him 10,000 tries, but he finally invented 
    the light bulb.  

    Talk about perseverance - Amazing!

Are you still reading?

Well, I guess that means you want to know more.


I can go back to ---

"My Early Years"    

A Postal Worker's Son    

  • I was born in Independence, Kansas.   We moved to 
    Kansas City, Missouri, when I was a baby as there 
    was no work in Independence. 

    My sister was 9 years older.  It was like having 
    2 Moms!  :0)

  • Dad took a job working at the post office evenings
    and weekends.  So I rarely got to see him and was 
    never able to get close to him as a result. 


  • If I've learned anything in my life, it's this: 

    No matter what happens to you...

    Something good can come out of it.  

    What good came out of my Dad being gone a lot 
    you may ask?

    Well, I learned self-reliance.  And the importance
    of really caring about others.  Two Valuable Lessons!

  • My sister got married when she was 14. 

    (No, she didn't have to get married.)

    And can you believe it?   She's still married to the same man!  

  • As a teen, I was an average student.  Cracking
    books was not my thing!  My thing was music--
    band and orchestra.  That was my life!

Calvary Bible College - Here I Come    

  • After graduating from high school, I attended CBC 
    where I got a degree in church music.

  • I met my beautiful wife to be while in college. 
    Got engaged & made plans for 

Our First Adventure     

  • We got married on a Saturday night.  The next morning 
    we drove in separate cars :0) to Ft. Worth, Texas where I...

  • Got a Master's Degree in Music after 2 years


  • Then we moved back to Kansas City where I taught 
    music at Calvary Bible College and led music at my
    local church. 

  • Then something happened...

  •     "I Never EVER Thought I'd Do This!"

  • We were expecting our first child and I was told
    the college had to make cutbacks and my position
    had been cut.  

    What a

  • The only thing I could find quickly was in the
    insurance industry.  I started doing insurance
    investigations and was happy with it for a while.

  • Life was good.  Then things started changing. 
    I was no longer happy.  I had to look for other
    ways to find Purpose in my life. 

  • I decided to get an agent's license and started 
    working for an insurance agency selling insurance.

    Never thought in a
    Million Years I could succeed 
    selling.  I always hated selling when I was growing up. 

    But I always liked the idea of helping people 
    which is really what I was doing.

You can do whatever you put your mind to. 

You simply find someone to teach you and GO for it!  

"Fast Forward - To The Next Adventure"     

  • The next few years were very busy.  Travis, our youngest,
    came along.  And Nancy was going to school as she had 
    decided she wanted to be a psychologist because she, 
    like me, has a heart to help people. 

    And then...

  • I decided I wanted to work for myself instead of 
    someone else.  Why shouldn't I get paid what 
    I'm worth? 

    Not what my boss thinks he can get me to work for. 

    I started my own Insurance Agency from scratch 
    and loved it.  Life was great! 

    I could come and go as I pleased.  Take vacations when I wanted.  I loved being my own boss.  

    Then the insurance industry began changing and I saw...

--The Handwriting on the Wall--     

Commissions were getting lower and underwriting was getting very difficult.  Good policy holders were being canceled because they were due to have a claim and the companies did not want to continue taking a chance on them.

I saw my book of business slowly get smaller.  Like I said before, I got to a point where enough was enough. 

I decided to look for other ways to have the lifestyle I wanted.  So I closed my agency and started...  

  "Yet Another Adventure - a Dream Come True"

  • We moved to Arizona.  Something we'd been wanting
    to do for a long time.

    Yes, it gets really hot here in the summers. 
    But that's okay with me. 

    The "winters" are great!  And the scenery 
    is Spectacular!  

  • That was 6 years ago.    

"And Now This Adventure"

I'll be perfectly honest.  Since we started working at home 6 years ago, there's been ups and downs.  I won't go into that here.  Let's just say -- Been there, done that, but didn't get a t shirt.  :0)

But now we've found a way to make money that's so much better than I ever could have imagined!  

Here we are at the last conference when we received an Award. 

Here's an "award" I'd like to give you.  This is one of the best gifts I could give you. 

Something that's helped thousands of people over the years achieve their dreams and goals...

The Author interviewed 500 very wealthy, successful men such as Henry Ford and Theodore Roosevelt to find out their Secrets to Success. 

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I'll conclude now and leave you with this -- 

The critical thing for you to know is that I've learned what to do and what not to do. 

The checks come every month, and...  

I Will Help You Get Your Checks  

Be a Mentor with a Servant's Heart<><

Jerry & Nancy Olthoff 
5677 E Singletree
Apache Junction, AZ  85219
Home Office:   480 288 5032 

Ephesians: 3-20